What exactly is "in-house" mobile dog grooming?
Most have heard of mobile dog groomers that come to your home with a big van or truck converted into a shop where they groom your dog parked by your house. But Spears & Shears Mobile Pet Care is different in that a professional groomer comes to your house, and will groom your pet in your house! All you need to have is a spare room, garage, or any small to medium sized open space in your house to set up the grooming table ( If Not The Floor Isn't A Problem & Safer) A Room with an electric outlet nearby for the clippers.We gladly clean up after the grooming is over so you don't have to, It's like we were never there!

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What are the benefits of "In-house" grooming?

1) Convenience- Because we will come right to your house, you can stay at home, and not have to worry about dealing with traffic, arranging drop-off, pick-up and an anxious dog wondering where he/she is going.

2) Comfort for your pet- Some dogs can get uneasy, frightened and agitated when they get groomed at a shop with unfamiliar people, pets, sights, smells, and surroundings. But we will groom your dog in the place it is most familiar with and comfortable - your home!

3) Cleanliness- Your pet is the only animal that is being groomed at the time, so no contamination from other animals, disease, insects and parasites!

4) Less Stress- More familiar surroundings and quiet settings reduce stress for your pet, especially for those with separation anxieties.